Hot Tips for Replacing a Garage Door


What kind of new garage door should I buy?

While looking for a new garage door, you may notice that there are two major styles of the garage door. First is tilt-up garage doors and the other is sectional roll-up garage doors. Tilt-up garage doors are cheaper than sectional rolls garage doors but the extra cost is considerable. Click on the link to get more information about different types of garage doors.

Tilt-up garage doors are made from one solid piece of material. It will work differently. To open the garage door, you will have to pull it out and upward to move it along with the roof of your garage. On the other hand, sectional garage doors are created with several horizontal sections. In this type, each section is placed in the next section, providing a garage door a certain degree of flexibility. These types of garage doors are mounted on the rollers. You just have to lift the sectional garage door to store it into place along with the ceiling of the garage. Sectional garage doors are superior in functionality and durability to tilt-up garage doors. They are ideal for garages with short spaces because they take up less room. These garage doors are best from a practical point of view. You don’t have to pull the garage door to open it so there will be more space in front of the garage door. These garage doors are adjusted higher than tilt-up garage doors.

What should my garage door be created?

Both types of garage doors can be created from steel or wood. Definitely, wood is an expensive and attractive option. If you want to go with the wooden garage door then keep in mind that these garage doors will be easily damaged due to harsh climate and extreme moisture. Steel garage doors are stronger and durable than wooden. If you live in a specific cold or hot climate, you will experience a warped or damaged wood garage door. Metal garage doors are cheaper and you will not face the trouble of having a cracked garage door. If you want to go with a metal garage door then make sure it has been properly created with rust-proven sheets. Some garage doors are occasionally prepared with fiberglass or aluminum material. Both materials are cheaper than steel. You will choose any energy-efficient, durable, and strong garage door according to your climate conditions.   

How do I look after my existing garage door?

Just like any other electronic equipment of your home, your garage door will need periodic maintenance to keep it running smoothly and looking as good as new. You will be surprised how the look of a garage door affects the appurtenance of your building, it is true that a stylish garage door can enhance the appealing of any building. Does not matter what material is used for your garage door, it should be washed occasionally. If you have a wooden garage door, you should re-polish them to ensure that they stay protected. If you have installed a steel garage door, you will have to straighten its dents. To prolong the strength and life of the garage door, you should lubricate all the moving parts using any good quality silicone spray.

Safety measurements for any garage door:

Every people are seriously injured and killed due to a malfunctioning garage door. To avoid these accidents, the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission advised that install automatic garage doors with electric opener and safety sensors. These garage doors have automatic stop and reverse functions. These devices are essential for the safety of your life, your family, and other belongings.

Signs You Might Need a Garage Door Repair


Garages are more than just a place to park your vehicle. They provide valuable security to your vehicle, bicycles, tools, out seasonal products, and other belongings. They also provide convenient and easy access to your home.

An efficient garage door is used to protect the garage but unfortunately, it is one of the equipment around your home that you may take for granted until something goes bad. Expenses garage door repairs can be avoided by simply taking an eye on the performance of garage door and performing garage door maintenance regularly. There are three major sings which show your garage door might need a garage door repair or maintenance in the near future.

There are some simple garage door maintenance routines that help the garage door to run smoothly while performing opening and closing functions. Negligence in the garage door maintenance, sudden hitting by the driver, harsh climate conditions can be the major causes behind the non-functioning garage door. You may handle these problems by yourself but these jobs are best done by the professional Stilwell garage door repair companies who have the accurate qualifications, experience, training, and tools required to complete the work properly and safely.

Garage door repair

Very little attention should be needed if your manual garage door is working smoothly and efficiently. With the passage of time, accumulated dust, dirt, and debris can cause major problems. If you feel any trouble while operating the garage door, it will be the first sign that your garage door needs some maintenance and repair.

If your automatic garage door stops working suddenly, it will be a red alert for you. There may be garage door rollers or hinges that need little bit adjustment to operate smoothly. Sometimes, garage door sensors should be cleaned or replaced to keep them operational. Although these are simple procedures they are not suitable for immature persons to do.

Garage door springs will become loose or break down due to frequent use. These springs are used to lift the heavyweight of garage door that’s why heavy-duty sprigs should be used to get long term results. They do not break very often but when they do. You will have to take immediate action.

If your garage door won’t open or close completely, you will not able to park your car and suddenly puts your family at great risk. Since these are the heavy and dangerous components of the garage door, don’t try to handle them by yourself. These springs are mounted under extreme tension that is why they can hurt or even kill you if not handled properly. It is wise to get the expert services as fast as you can. These professional companies will give you free online estimation and available for emergency 24/7 services.

Don’t forget that the garage door is heavy and huge equipment. It is very challenging to fix the garage door problems on your own. Hiring a garage door technician will help you to save your time, effort, and money and get back your garage door in tip-top condition safely.

The Importance of Getting Informed About the Social Issues


The internet has come a long way when it comes to providing people a convenient and easy access to everything. Now, it is easier to feel closer to our loved ones who are overseas because through video chatting and other social media applications, we can now regularly get updates from them and even get to see them face to face albeit through the screen. It has also become easier to get access to everything we need starting from clothes, food, and even movie tickets. Those things we get only to see at the newspapers which are ordered through several processes can now be ordered over mail or through their website with the use of credit card. The process is made easier and faster especially since it can arrive only after a few days of waiting. Even the information we get now is unlimited. All we need is the connection and voila! The possibilities are endless.


It is ironic however how although we already have a vast source of information in our hands, there are still those people who are not aware of the social issues we are facing in our society at present. There are still those who are ignorant of what has been happening in their areas as if they are not going to be affected of it come-what-may. This should not be the case. It is every individuals’ responsibility to be aware of these and if possible, initiate a course of action to help.


There are many reasons why it is to your advantage to watch and hear about the current events around you. One, it keeps you informed. You are not going to look clueless in front of your friends, family, and even colleagues, and you will have a piece to share during a conversation. Believe it or not, no matter how small or how big the news is, you are affected. As such, being updated will be to your advantage.


When you are aware of what’s going on around you, it is also possible that you will be prepared. This is most especially if we are talking about potential typhoons and earthquakes that may hit your area. You can prepare your whole household in the process and you can prevent yourself from being caught off-guard. You can also stock up on food and other supplies when you know that there is a possibility that your place will suffer from a hailstorm. You can prevent endangering yourself and going out during this time. You can plan wisely when you know what it is you are going to expect in the next few days.


Your knowledge about what is going on in your surroundings can also allow you to do your part in helping other people around you especially when calamity hits. It allows you to be aware of your surroundings in times when dangers are happening in your neighborhood. You can be more vigilant in securing not just yourself but your property as well. In that way, you will be safer.


Do not undervalue the advantages news can give you and also resistors in parallel calculator. Always give these things importance for the benefit of yourself and your family as well.

Distinguished fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis


This is the fan page of Bob McTeer. We have created this site to give tribute to a man who shared his knowledge with the rest of the world even though at times it seems like the world was not on his side. We believe it takes courage to speak up regarding pertinent national and social issues and Bob McTeer is a courageous man who shared his thoughts and insights about what is really going on in our society. He delved into history, economy, health care, education, energy, finance, taxes, policies, and politics. And what is most important is that he tackled these issues using lay man’s terms thereby making it easier for ordinary people to understand these issues. It is important to talk about these issues to open the eyes of the public about their relevance in their everyday lives. 

Who is Bob McTeer? He is a distinguished fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a former chancellor of the Texas A & M University System, and former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. His passion for policy analysis pushed him to speak out regarding his views on the way things are and what reforms are needed to improve current policies. 

This fan page of Bob McTeer features his analyses about relevant social issues. To balance things out, we also feature McTeer’s musings about his everyday life- where he shares with us his thoughts about sports, animals, entertainment, and other random stuff that crosses his mind as he ponders inside his garage doors in Milwaukee. McTeer also shares with us his passion for writing poems and songs. As you can see, there are light and serious sides to his personality which makes him a more interesting fellow. We also collate his speeches and interviews because there are lots of things to learn from in these talks and conversations. He gives sound advice regarding finances, business, development, retirement, and how to overcome the crisis. 

This website also features other blogs from Bob McTeer’s colleagues and his favorite sites. You can check out posts from Amity Shlaes, Businomics, Café Hayek, Carpe Diem, EconLog, Freakonomics, Incentives Matter, Commerce Street Capital, John Goodman’s Health Policy, Kudlow’s Money Politics, The Everyday Average American, Retirement Reform, Rich Karlgaard’s Digital Rules, Terry Neese, and The Austrian Economists. One of Bob McTeer’s favorite topic is about policy analysis so he refers us to the National Center for Policy Analysis website where he is also a regular contributor and part of the think tank that aims to promote free-market development especially in the fields of education, energy, healthcare, taxation, retirement, and the environment. Another site that is linked to this fan page is the Taxes and Growth website where Bob McTeer covers topics specifically centered on taxes and economic and monetary policies that are being implemented today. Their team does research on what these policies mean to the daily lives of average citizens and they also make recommendations to the administration on how to improve these policies to better serve the interests of the people.  



Uneven Development  


Inequality persists in this world we live in.  The notorious divide between the rich and poor is ever widening.  This gap can be observed within and across nations.  There is income inequality and huge differences in lifestyles and living conditions among the rich and the poor.  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development cited Chile, Turkey, Mexico, and the United States as the countries with the most imbalanced distribution of income. This means some people are enjoying an affluent lifestyle and exalted social status while some are barely surviving and living below the poverty line.

The report just analyzed the income distribution among developed nations, which means that it did not include yet the figures for developing countries, wherein and amongst themselves, inequality is very prevalent.  The topic about the uneven distribution of income is not just about differences in salaries in monetary figures among the workforce.  This also means differences in stature in society and access to resources and services. One may be led to ask why inequality exists. Why does there have to be rich and poor?  Why are there people who have so much and people who have almost nothing at all?  And why is the gap between the wealthy and the lowly getting bigger?  Can something be done about it?

I remember Neil Smith, who was a geographer and anthropologist, attempted to explain this phenomenon of uneven development through geographical spaces and the growth and expansion of capitalism in cities, nations, and throughout the world.  He argued that capitalism defined nature and space.  His theory was anchored in Marxism philosophy involving the class struggle between capitalists and workers to protect and promote their respective interests.  In as much as capitalism created and shaped progress and development in the places where it operates, it also brought with it urgent social concerns that affect the people and the environment. We should be mindful of this so-called development and never set aside the interests of the people for progress.  



History taught us how slavery, racism, and class division became a part of our society.  They say that those who have not learned the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  We might think that slavery has ended in these modern times but in reality, slavery has just taken other forms and faces.  Inequality still prevails.  We do not want another war to set things right.  It is in our nature to break free from these oppressive forces until we can truly say that America is the land of the free and the brave.  

History tells us that slaves from Africa were imported and traded in America.  The growing plantation industry of tobacco and rice back then depended on slave labor.  Through the years, slavery was entrenched in the society as well as racism, or the divide between blacks as slaves, and whites as free people. This started the power struggle between the two races. The whites or those in power tried to keep their status in society by enacting laws that would serve their interests and propagate slavery in society.  For the slaves, they would resist the conditions and strive for freedom.  There was a power struggle as each one – the colonies, government officials, landowners, and slaves, wanted to expand the liberties that he or she enjoyed.   

Through it all, the public sphere became an important venue for the ordinary public to voice out their opinions and views regarding political and social issues.  It was also a way for people to protect their freedom, especially freedom from slavery.  Newpapers encouraged political discourse and people viewed freedom of the press as a crucial component of liberty.  Today, we are able to voice out our opinions through various channels such as rallies and even in blogs like this one. Each one has a voice to be heard. We should use this freedom that we enjoy to protect the rights of everyone, regardless of color, religion, race, age, or status. Let us recognize slavery, racism, and class division and how they are manifested in our society so that we can put an end to them. 




There is a growing number of Latino Americans in the country and their voices simply cannot be overlooked.  Their influence is long-lasting and far-reaching that when we look deep within us, we can see a piece of their legacy inside of us.  Different as they may seem, they actually share a common history with us and stand for the same ideals and beliefs.    It is important to know their history as contextualized in the realm of America.  Their history is a call for unity in diversity.  It is a plea for respect and recognition of human rights.  The story of Latino Americans is the story of every person who wants to survive and thrive in whatever situation he or she faces.  Their story is the story of a people and their culture and how they had to adjust to the circumstances they find themselves in.  Their history is a testimony to the importance of standing up for your rights and fighting senseless discrimination against you.   It is a story of struggles and successes, of support and opposition, of journeying and hoping to find a place to call home. 

America is much more than the sum of the ethnic groups and races of its population.  America is the land of the free and the brave.  It should extend its love for justice, equality, and freedom to its people including the Latino Americans. It is time to stop looking at skin color, race, and other labels and see them as productive and valuable citizens of the country.  This is why it is important for us to know the history of a people.  History will tell us about the contribution of Latino Americans in this country and that they are entitled to the rights and liberties of every citizen of this land.  History will tell us that we should take down barriers, look past the stereotypes, and join the advocacy to defend the rights of immigrants and put an end to discrimination and injustice.