Distinguished fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis


This is the fan page of Bob McTeer. We have created this site to give tribute to a man who shared his knowledge with the rest of the world even though at times it seems like the world was not on his side. We believe it takes courage to speak up regarding pertinent national and social issues and Bob McTeer is a courageous man who shared his thoughts and insights about what is really going on in our society. He delved into history, economy, health care, education, energy, finance, taxes, policies, and politics. And what is most important is that he tackled these issues using lay man’s terms thereby making it easier for ordinary people to understand these issues. It is important to talk about these issues to open the eyes of the public about their relevance in their everyday lives. 

Who is Bob McTeer? He is a distinguished fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a former chancellor of the Texas A & M University System, and former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. His passion for policy analysis pushed him to speak out regarding his views on the way things are and what reforms are needed to improve current policies. 

This fan page of Bob McTeer features his analyses about relevant social issues. To balance things out, we also feature McTeer’s musings about his everyday life- where he shares with us his thoughts about sports, animals, entertainment, and other random stuff that crosses his mind as he ponders inside his garage doors in Milwaukee. McTeer also shares with us his passion for writing poems and songs. As you can see, there are light and serious sides to his personality which makes him a more interesting fellow. We also collate his speeches and interviews because there are lots of things to learn from in these talks and conversations. He gives sound advice regarding finances, business, development, retirement, and how to overcome the crisis. 

This website also features other blogs from Bob McTeer’s colleagues and his favorite sites. You can check out posts from Amity Shlaes, Businomics, Café Hayek, Carpe Diem, EconLog, Freakonomics, Incentives Matter, Commerce Street Capital, John Goodman’s Health Policy, Kudlow’s Money Politics, The Everyday Average American, Retirement Reform, Rich Karlgaard’s Digital Rules, Terry Neese, and The Austrian Economists. One of Bob McTeer’s favorite topic is about policy analysis so he refers us to the National Center for Policy Analysis website where he is also a regular contributor and part of the think tank that aims to promote free-market development especially in the fields of education, energy, healthcare, taxation, retirement, and the environment. Another site that is linked to this fan page is the Taxes and Growth website where Bob McTeer covers topics specifically centered on taxes and economic and monetary policies that are being implemented today. Their team does research on what these policies mean to the daily lives of average citizens and they also make recommendations to the administration on how to improve these policies to better serve the interests of the people.