History taught us how slavery, racism, and class division became a part of our society.  They say that those who have not learned the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  We might think that slavery has ended in these modern times but in reality, slavery has just taken other forms and faces.  Inequality still prevails.  We do not want another war to set things right.  It is in our nature to break free from these oppressive forces until we can truly say that America is the land of the free and the brave.  

History tells us that slaves from Africa were imported and traded in America.  The growing plantation industry of tobacco and rice back then depended on slave labor.  Through the years, slavery was entrenched in the society as well as racism, or the divide between blacks as slaves, and whites as free people. This started the power struggle between the two races. The whites or those in power tried to keep their status in society by enacting laws that would serve their interests and propagate slavery in society.  For the slaves, they would resist the conditions and strive for freedom.  There was a power struggle as each one – the colonies, government officials, landowners, and slaves, wanted to expand the liberties that he or she enjoyed.   

Through it all, the public sphere became an important venue for the ordinary public to voice out their opinions and views regarding political and social issues.  It was also a way for people to protect their freedom, especially freedom from slavery.  Newpapers encouraged political discourse and people viewed freedom of the press as a crucial component of liberty.  Today, we are able to voice out our opinions through various channels such as rallies and even in blogs like this one. Each one has a voice to be heard. We should use this freedom that we enjoy to protect the rights of everyone, regardless of color, religion, race, age, or status. Let us recognize slavery, racism, and class division and how they are manifested in our society so that we can put an end to them.