There is a growing number of Latino Americans in the country and their voices simply cannot be overlooked.  Their influence is long-lasting and far-reaching that when we look deep within us, we can see a piece of their legacy inside of us.  Different as they may seem, they actually share a common history with us and stand for the same ideals and beliefs.    It is important to know their history as contextualized in the realm of America.  Their history is a call for unity in diversity.  It is a plea for respect and recognition of human rights.  The story of Latino Americans is the story of every person who wants to survive and thrive in whatever situation he or she faces.  Their story is the story of a people and their culture and how they had to adjust to the circumstances they find themselves in.  Their history is a testimony to the importance of standing up for your rights and fighting senseless discrimination against you.   It is a story of struggles and successes, of support and opposition, of journeying and hoping to find a place to call home. 

America is much more than the sum of the ethnic groups and races of its population.  America is the land of the free and the brave.  It should extend its love for justice, equality, and freedom to its people including the Latino Americans. It is time to stop looking at skin color, race, and other labels and see them as productive and valuable citizens of the country.  This is why it is important for us to know the history of a people.  History will tell us about the contribution of Latino Americans in this country and that they are entitled to the rights and liberties of every citizen of this land.  History will tell us that we should take down barriers, look past the stereotypes, and join the advocacy to defend the rights of immigrants and put an end to discrimination and injustice.