Garage Door Repair is an Easy Project


Garage door repair is not an easy project as there are several risks involved in the project. Although you can conduct simple fixing jobs all complex garage door repair jobs and replacement tasks should be done by professional garage door services. The overhead garage door whether they swing up in a single solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections, it runs on metal tracks with the help of torsion springs.

Normally, the garage door runs on the metal tracks that are mounted along the walls. Garage door springs are used to provide the right power to the garage door. In the majority of the cases, when the garage door gets malfunctions, the repair tasks become essential. Here are some helpful tips for the efficient garage door repair project.

  • Check the metal tracks to make sure that they are not dented or damaged. The mounting brackets that hold the walls are tightened securely. If they look loose, tighten the screws and nuts inside the mounting brackets. Damaged brackets or other moving parts should be replaced. Close the garage door and inspect the tracks to find out the crimps, flat spots, or dents. Minor damages can be fixed with the help of a rubber mallet or plastic hammer. Garage door tracks that are beyond fixing should be replaced.
  • Inspect the tracks to make sure that they are aligned properly. The vertical track should be exactly plumb but the horizontal track must be slant slightly downward position. Make sure that both tracks should be at the same height as the walls of the garage. In case, the tracks are not aligned correctly, loose the screws and tap the tracks to their original position. Keep in mind that you don’t need to remove the screws completely that hold the mounting brackets of the tracks.
  • Clean the garage door using a mild household cleaner to remove the accumulated dust, dirt, or grease. Make sure that the rollers and tracks are clean properly and wipe out them after cleaning. Lubricate the garage door parts such as tracks, rollers, and pulleys using any good quality silicone spray for the smooth operations of a garage door. In case of any confusion, don’t hesitate to call professional garage door experts for help.